Test-Driven Infrastructure with Chef

Seth Vargo (Google)
Operations, Ballroom EF
Tutorial Please note: to attend, your registration must include Tutorials on Tuesday.
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This tutorial will cover:

  1. Creating a cookbook
  2. Unit testing the cookbook with chefspec (using tools like fauxhai, foodcritic, and strainer)
  3. Integration testing the cookbook with Test Kitchen
  4. Getting the tests to run on Jenkins
  5. Communicating effectively with your team


* A laptop with sudo/Administrator privledges
* A Github account
* Run through learnchef workstation setup only, making sure Vagrant, VirtualBox, and Chef are installed"

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Photo of Seth Vargo

Seth Vargo


My name’s Seth Vargo. I graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a B.S. in Information Systems in 2013. I specialize in Ruby development, System Administration, Automation, Chef, Security, and Usability.
I’m a big proponent of open-source and like to hack on projects in my spare time.
All comments, opinions, and rants are my own.

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Picture of Seth Vargo
Seth Vargo
06/18/2013 2:37am PDT

Hey Ken,

I’ll post the slides and I believe there will be videos. However, my slides are non-traditional and won’t have much value-add without the actual presentation.

The tools will be available, but I’m sponsoring a Jenkins and Chef Server for this talk. That will not be available after the talk ends.

Ken Matsumoto
06/18/2013 1:24am PDT

Seth, I have to miss your class today due to an urgent matter. Can I have the material later? I’ll show up afternoon today.

Picture of Seth Vargo
Seth Vargo
06/12/2013 4:34am PDT

Correct, please just do the workstation setup (Part 1). Do not do parts 2 or 3.

Picture of Brett Delia
Brett Delia
06/12/2013 4:33am PDT

Just to make sure about the set up we should do prior to the conference. You mention to only do the workstation setup. Does that mean to only do part one and not do part 2 and 3?


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