Performance Monitoring: Synthetic vs RUM

Jon Fox (Torbit)
Web Performance, Mission City Ballroom B1
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Introduction and overview of Synthetic Monitoring

* How it works
* History
* What kind of data can you get?
Introduction and overview of RUM

* How it works
* History
* What kind of data can you get?
Comparison of Synthetic and RUM results for specific test sites

* What conclusions can we draw from the synthetic data?
* What conclusions can we draw form the RUM data?
* How do the load times (average, median, 90th percentile, etc) compare?
* How do the sample sizes compare?
* What kind of geographic, device, etc coverage do the tests provide?
* So which one should I use? Both!
When to use each type

* Production vs Pre-production monitoring
* Finding out you have a problem / trends over time
* Finding out what the problem is
* Vendor SLAs and monitoring
Build or Buy?

* How to build your own synthetic test environment

* Hosted webpagetest
* Reasons to buy (or use free) synthetic testing software instead of build

* All the locations and agents get expensive
* Simpler
* How to build your own RUM test environment

* Boomerang
* Episodes
* Reasons to buy (or use free) RUM software

* Lots of data!
* Big data is hard
Conclusions and take aways

* You need both, one is not a replacement for the other
* Free options are available
* Start collecting the data now even if you’re not ready to act on it

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Jon Fox


Jon Fox (@jfox85) is the co-founder and CTO of Torbit where he writes code to help make the web faster. Torbit is a company offering Dynamic Content Optimization and a free Real User Measurement tool called Insight. Prior to making the web faster, Jon made comments better as the co-founder and CTO of IntenseDebate, which was later acquired by Automattic (the company behind WordPress).

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Jon Fox
06/28/2013 9:02am PDT

The slides are available here:

Marcello Pantuliano
06/21/2013 3:52am PDT

I would like to obtain copies of the slides for this presentation. Are they available? Thank you.


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