Avoiding Performance Regression at Twitter

Marcel Duran (Google Inc.)
Web Performance, Ballroom CD
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twitter.com is a high performance web application that is developed by several engineers and it is frequently deployed to production with new features and bug fixes, in such scenario it is very common to introduce performance regression and hard to find the cause once end users are ultimately the ones experiencing a potential slowness. Powered by WebPagetest a synthetic and automated benchmarking is performed on every new branch and compared against a master baseline within a certain threshold to either pass or break the build hence engineers are able to chase and remove performance regressions even before it is released assuring the overall performance quality of twitter.com. RUM just confirms what had been certified before a new branch is pushed to end users.


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Marcel Duran

Google Inc.

Marcel Duran is a performance front end engineer at Twitter and previously had been into web performance optimization on high traffic sites at Yahoo! Front Page and Search teams where he applied and researched web performance best practices making pages even faster. He was also the Front End Lead for Yahoo!’s Exceptional Performance Team dedicated to YSlow (now it’s his personal open source project) and other performance tools development, researches and evangelism. Besides being a “speed freak”, he’s a (skate|snow)boarder and purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


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