Retooling Adobe: A DevOps Journey from Packaged Software to Service Provider

Srinivas Peri (Adobe), Alex Honor (Simplify Ops), Damon Edwards (SimplifyOps, Inc.)
Operations, Mission City Ballroom B4
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In 2010, the edict came down from Adobe’s management that it was time to move Adobe from the safety of it’s packed software delivery model into the relatively unknown world of Cloud based services. What followed was a multi-journey of experimentation and learning.

Paralleling Adobe’s business journey from packaged software to Cloud based services was the technical and cultural journey of Adobe’s “Coretech” group. This presentation is about that journey and the technology that was created along the way.

Historically, Coretech is the team at Adobe that builds and maintains common technologies for Adobe’s various product teams. Coretech provided the .dlls, common components, and other shared infrastructure that the product teams needed to build and ship their desktop based products.

As Adobe evolved to the Cloud, Coretech’s mission of enablement needed to evolve as well. The group was required to reinvent itself as a provider of core and enabling services. Coretech now needed to figure out how to support the product groups, not with the traditional common components but as a provider of common services.

One of the most representative early outcomes of Coretech’s new mandate is the CDOT system (short for “Connecting The Dots”). CDOT is a service delivery platform that is architecture agnostic and hosting provider agnostic. CDOT gives any Adobe product team self-service deployment capabilities for both pre-production and production environments. CDOT is built on top of an open source toolchain that includes Jenkins, Chef, Rundeck, Logstash, Nagios, Cacti, Graphite, StatsD, and other popular tools. Currently, CDOT deploys to mostly Amazon AWS environments and some internally hosted environments and Datacenters. It is designed to be modular so that new toolchains and new hosting providers can be added as needed.

In this presentation we will review CDOT and the CDOT project from two perspectives:

Perspective #1: Technology / Architecture
-The 3 major iterations of the CDOT architecture and the lessons we learned along the way
-Tooling choices and lessons learned
-Interface design and the user discussions that fueled our decisions
-Short demo

Perspective #2: Organizational Impact
-Project timeline, what we learned at each iteration, and why we made certain choices (and mistakes!)
-The campaign to educate business units and users… how we had to use marketing skills to be successful
-The results and ROI data to date

Photo of Srinivas Peri

Srinivas Peri


Srinivas Peri is an Engineer Manager and Devops Evangelist at Adobe. He has been with Adobe for 10 years. He has worked on a number of tooling/infrastructure/Automation projects, mentored and built varying teams involving various skill sets.He is actively driving Devops culture at Adobe , bridging the gap between Dev, QA ,Ops functions and various stakeholders across business units in various geographies. Prior to Adobe, he worked extensively in startups and large corporations – Digital Inc , ISRO and understands the ecosystem very well.

Photo of Alex Honor

Alex Honor

Simplify Ops

Alex Honor is the founder of various open source automation projects. Has been involved in the development and management of large scale online systems for over 15 years, including critical roles at E*TRADE, NASA Ames Research, Open Design, and DTO Solutions.

Photo of Damon Edwards

Damon Edwards

SimplifyOps, Inc.

Damon Edwards, a co-founder of SimplifyOps, is focused on growing and supporting the SimplifyOps user communities. Prior to SimplifyOps, Damon co-founded DTO Solutions, a DevOps and automation engineering consultancy whose clients include leading SaaS, e-commerce, gaming, and financial services companies. Damon has spent over 14 years working on both the technology and business ends of IT operations. Damon is also a frequent conference speaker and writer who focuses on DevOps and operations improvement topics. Damon is active in the international DevOps community, including co-organizing the DevOps Days conference series and co-hosting the DevOps Cafe podcast.


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