Managing Incidents In The Wild

Jonathan Reichhold (Life On Air)
Velocity Culture, Grand Ballroom ABCD
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Managing incidents at Twitter during the early growth required a very different approach then is typically presented at conferences. Time was always short and the amount of issues forced a more reactive approach. Scale was working against us and we had to quickly iterate and increase the reliability. Basically duct tape and bailing wire while prioritizing the fixes and resources to improve the foundational issues.

There were many lessons learned during that time that would be of use for folks who have face simliar challenges in growth with code bases which are quickly outgrowing the designed space.

Photo of Jonathan Reichhold

Jonathan Reichhold

Life On Air

Software Engineer at Twitter. Previously at Evri, AOL Search, and Singingfish. Also Aeronautical Engineer at Blue Origin (Rockets) and Boeing (Airplanes)

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Samuel Trim
06/27/2013 10:08am PDT

Hi Jon, will you be publishing any slides from this presentation?



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