Configuration Management Anti-patterns

Sam Kottler (GitHub)
Operations, Mission City Ballroom B4
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This talk will cover a number of different anti-patterns, from small issues to architectural decisions that will help configuration management users of all levels build more sound configuration management scripts.

From manually interacting with package management tools to writing providers and types that lack idempotent operations, there are lots of ways to build a configuration management suite that grows as infrastructure gets more complex. I’ll talk about separating configuration from data and how to use available tools like Hiera and chef node attributes to create elegant configuration systems.

I’ll do a live demo of altering some Puppet and Chef code to move infrastructure information out of a poorly factored manifest and recipe into something that will be easier to maintain and alter as systems mature and the configuration management code base diverges from its original form.

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Sam Kottler


Sam Kottler works at Red Hat in the virtualization R&D group. His background is as systems engineer and developer with a strong focus in automation and configuration management. Sam has worked with some of the world’s leading startups to build scalable infrastructure, including, Venmo, and Acquia.


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