Using Amazon Web Services for MySQL at Scale

Laine Campbell (Fastly)
Operations, Ballroom EF
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Laine will explain the options for running MySQL at high volumes at Amazon Web Services, exploring options around database as a service, hosted instances/storages and all appropriate availability, performance and provisioning considerations using real-world examples from Call of Duty, Obama for America and many more. Laine will show how to build highly available, manageable and performant MySQL environments that scale in AWS — how to maintain then, grow them and deal with failure. Some of the specific topics covered are:

  1. Overview of RDS and EC2 – pros, cons and usage patterns/antipatterns.
  2. Implementation choices in both offerings: instance sizing, ephemeral SSDs, EBS, provisioned IOPS and advanced techniques (RAID, mixed storage environments, etc…)
  3. Leveraging regions and availability zones for availability, business continuity and disaster recovery.
  4. Scaling patterns including read/write splitting, read distribution, functional dataset partitioning and horizontal dataset partitioning (aka sharding)
  5. Palomino cluster tool (OSS) and Jetpants for building and managing large sharded MySQL in EC2
  6. Configuration management, backup/recovery, monitoring and trending considerations.
  7. Common failure modes – AZ and Region failures, EBS corruption, EBS performance inconsistencies and more.
  8. Cost structures, estimating and tracking cost.
  9. Managing and mitigating cost with various instance and storage options.
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Laine Campbell


Laine is the owner and CEO of PalominoDB , a boutique open-source DBMS design and operations firm. She has been an Oracle, MySQL and Cassandra DBA, Architect and Designer for 11 years with such companies as Travelocity, Zappos, Obama for America, Chegg, LiveJournal, Disney Mobile and Technorati. Her passions include entrepreneurial charity, diversity in technology and her own cajun heritage. Laine has had the pleasure of presenting at Oracle OpenWorld, Percona Live in Santa Clara, NYC and London, MySQL User Conference, Intl Oracle Users Group and more. She has also been on the IOUG MySQL Council (2012) and Percona Live content committee (2012).


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