Mike Christian

Mike Christian
Sr. Director, Event To Resolution, Yahoo!

Mike has spent the last 8 years building highly available systems for Yahoo!, from global replication of petabyte data sets, to massively distributed CDN and traffic routing mechanisms dispersed to points throughout the world. Prior to that, he spent 9 years building interactive television systems at Oracle and Thirdspace, wrestling bus sized parallel supercomputing systems and building fast lightweight DVR client applications. He particularly enjoys solving unsolvable problems.


Operations Mission City Ballroom
This presentation will be streamed live along with the other keynotes.
Mike Christian (Yahoo!)
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Data-centers DO fail, sometimes for the oddest of reasons. From frying squirrels to unspun gyros, the last decade has seen it all: hurricane and heat wave, fire and flood, even the threat of a nuclear meltdown. We'll chronicle the mundane to the insane, showing the reality of major data-center outages, interleaved with solutions and strategies for recovery. Read more.


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