Nathan Yergler

Nathan Yergler
Principal Engineer, Eventbrite

Website | @nyergler

Nathan Yergler is a senior member of the engineering team at Eventbrite. Prior to joining Eventbrite Nathan worked at Creative Commons, serving as Chief Technology Officer from 2007-2011. In that role he was responsible for architecting and building the technical infrastructure for CC licenses, and managing the engineering team.

Nathan lives in San Francisco with his dog, Madeline. She bites.


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Nathan Yergler (Eventbrite)
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"Technical debt" is a fact of life for most projects that are lucky enough to reach maturity or a wide user base. How that technical debt is managed can determine whether a project continues to thrive or collapses under its own weight. This talk will discuss strategies for learning from your debt and evolving systems, while still serving customers. Read more.


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