Nicholas Zakas

Nicholas Zakas
Staff Software Engineer, Box

Website | @slicknet

Nicholas C. Zakas worked at Yahoo! for almost five years, building and defining front-end strategy for some of Yahoo’s largest sites. Nicholas is also the author of several books, including High Performance JavaScript, Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, and Professional Ajax.


Web Performance Mission City B4
This presentation will be streamed live.
Average rating: ****.
(4.73, 11 ratings)
We use JavaScript timers via setTimeout() all the time, but few really understand how they work and their performance implications. As animations and complex processes become more common, a good understanding of how timers work, as well as the new alternatives, is key to good front-end performance. Read more.
Web Performance Mission City B4
Moderated by:
Lindsey Simon (Google)
Nicholas Zakas (Box), Chris Joel (Cloudflare), Kyle Simpson (Getify)
Average rating: ****.
(4.25, 4 ratings)
JavaScript is everywhere from mobile phones and tablets to e-readers and TVs. With such a wide range of supported environments developers are often looking for an easy way to compare the performance between snippets, browsers, and devices. was created to help devs do just that. This panel will showcase the best dev-created benchmarks and "best" practices debunked by real-world tests. Read more.


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