James Sheridan

James Sheridan
Foundation Engineering Director, Yammer.com

Website | @jamessheridan

James started his career as a web designer in the mid 90s. It didn’t
take long before the designing became developing, and then developing
became administration. The 90s is pretty much where his web design
skills still lie. His systems experience took him to leading the
Infrastructure team of UK e-retailer Ebuyer, and he has plied his
trade for the UK Government and most recently at The Times
newspaper. His core expertise is in building highly-available,
fault-tolerant infrastructure for all kinds of businesses, whether
hosted on bare metal or in the cloud.

James heads up Yammer’s EMEA Foundation Services Engineering team.

James lives in London, where he fosters a life-long love-affair with
Tottenham Hotspur FC.


Operations Mission City B1
Ken King (Yammer), James Sheridan (Yammer.com)
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(3.09, 11 ratings)
Yammer started in the colo world. We didn’t put a lot of thought into where to set up after we had a initial version of our product. If we did it over again we may have started in the Cloud. We have developed a hybrid approach that uses both EC2, S3 and a colo facility. We see advantages to using both the Cloud and the Colo. Make the right decision early is important. Read more.


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