Aaron Kulick
Technical Mercenary, Xiphoid Industries

Website | @GoFastWeb

Aaron Kulick is an guerilla engineer currently working inside the @platform team of WalmartLabs. He first came to the web performance community thinking it was just another data point in his previous life as systems engineer, but quickly found himself moonlighting on projects linking synthetic performance and browser automation with real user monitoring (R.U.M.).

Aaron is also the founder of the San Francisco & Silicon Valley Web Performance Group (www.sfwebperf.org) which is fast approaching the completion of its second year and is the largest Web Performance group outside of Velocity. He tweets occasionally as @GoFastWeb.


Web Performance Mission City B1
Please note: to attend, your registration must include Tutorials.
Aaron Kulick (Xiphoid Industries), Cliff Crocker (Akamai)
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We (Cliff Crocker & Aaron Kulick) will take the audience through a working session that will leave them with a functional Web Performance Dashboard that they can customize to their individual needs. We will cover some of the available open source projects and tools as well as discuss the importance of synthetic vs real user monitoring (R.U.M.) and how they can be combined in a single pane. Read more.
Office Hours Exhibit Hall (Office Hours C)
Cliff Crocker (Akamai), Aaron Kulick (Xiphoid Industries)
R.U.M. (Real User Monitoring) * Analytics * Visualization Libraries * Dashboards, SLAs, & "The Business" Read more.


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