Chris Joel

Chris Joel

I have been building web applications targeting browsers and mobile devices for almost ten years. I am presently employed to build tools and libraries that artificially enhance the client-side loading speed of arbitrary websites when viewed on arbitrary devices. I write code that enables applications to be aesthetically pleasing, intuitively usable and fast all at once, and the exercise of writing this code has given me many unique insights about JavaScript performance.


Web Performance Mission City B4
Moderated by:
Lindsey Simon (Google)
Nicholas Zakas (Box), Chris Joel (Cloudflare), Kyle Simpson (Getify)
Average rating: ****.
(4.25, 4 ratings)
JavaScript is everywhere from mobile phones and tablets to e-readers and TVs. With such a wide range of supported environments developers are often looking for an easy way to compare the performance between snippets, browsers, and devices. was created to help devs do just that. This panel will showcase the best dev-created benchmarks and "best" practices debunked by real-world tests. Read more.


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