Office Hour with Yashwanth Nelapati & Marty Weiner

Yashwanth Nelapati (Pinterest), Marty Weiner (Pinterest)
Office Hours Exhibit Hall (Office Hours B)

Yashwanth Nelapati, Architect and Backend Engineer, Pinterest and Marty Weiner, Architect, Backend Engineer, Frontend Engineer, Ops, Pinterest.

Photo of Yashwanth Nelapati

Yashwanth Nelapati


Engineer at Pinterest dealing with infrastructure and scalability. Yashh has been an engineer with Pinterest since the beginning.

Photo of Marty Weiner

Marty Weiner


Marty joined Pinterest in early 2011 as the 2nd engineer. Previously worked at Azul Systems as a VM engineer focused on building/improving the JIT compilers in HotSpot


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