Time To First Tweet

Dan Webb (Twitter Inc), Rob Sayre (Twitter)
Web Performance Mission City B4
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When users come to Twitter.com, the first thing they want to do is
read their timeline. We’re currently rolling out performance
improvements aimed at delivering this content as fast as possible.
This ultimately has led us away from the now popular client-side rendering model to a more traditional server-rendered model to allow us to reduce the amount of steps between the user and their timeline.

We’ll explain how we measure Time To First Tweet, how we re-engineered
our front end to make this as fast as possible and what our next steps
will be to improve our users’ experience. We’ll demonstrate a
pragmatic approach to web performance that can help you make the
biggest positive impact on your users experience.

Photo of Dan Webb

Dan Webb

Twitter Inc

Dan Webb is a software engineer based in San Francisco and the Engineering Manager of Twitter’s Web Core team.

Rob Sayre


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Picture of Sophia DeMartini
Sophia DeMartini
06/26/2012 12:09am PDT

Thank you for catching that Terry! I’ve fixed the mistake.

Picture of J. Bates
J. Bates
06/25/2012 11:20pm PDT


There is a typo in Mr. Webb’s description. “softwre”.


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