A True Cloud Network Should Scale Up, In, and Out

Sunil Potti (Citrix Systems Inc)
Sponsored Mission City Ballroom
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As enterprise IT transitions to the Cloud Era, the data center network is once again taking center stage. The dynamic nature of cloud services requires a new level of flexibility, scalability and programmability which go beyond the capabilities of today’s data center networks. Unlike the advancements in compute and storage virtualization, networking has not kept pace and has become a barrier to achieve the promise of cloud scale deployments.

In this presentation, we will dive into how the largest and most successful public cloud providers have already discovered that the Cloud is only as powerful as the underlying network infrastructure. Not surprisingly, these cloud leaders have embraced ‘cloud-first’ network architectures to drive real business and IT differentiation. These next-gen networks powering enterprise clouds must address three top-of-mind characteristics:

• Elasticity: How do I increase the performance of the network that I already have, without having to start over by purchasing new hardware every time traffic increases?

• Simplicity: How do I eliminate appliance sprawl throughout my data center by consolidating large numbers of individually managed appliances into a single platform?

• Expandability: Can I scale my total network capacity incrementally – one appliance at a time – so that I can start small, but grow forever?

Citrix NetScaler’s experience in powering the world’s leading cloud networks makes it ideally positioned to bring cloud scale to all size eBusinesses and Enterprises via 3 key dimensions:

1. Scale Up for Elasticity: 5x performance on-demand with Pay-As-You-Grow. This eliminates costly over provisioning, avoids regular ‘forklift’ appliance upgrades, and obviates the need to buy expensive chassis-based systems just to reserve empty slots in anticipation of future growth.

2. Scale In for Simplification: Consolidate up to 40 independently managed devices into 1 with fully virtualized, Multi-Tenant platform. Eliminate appliance sprawl, streamline operational management and simplify datacenter networks via 40:1 consolidation into single, easy-to-manage appliance. Unlike alternative solutions, the technology should consolidate multiple appliances with no loss of functionality, and no performance compromises.

3. Scale Out for Expandability: grow 32x capacity by seamlessly adding appliances to existing deployments in a “plug-and-play” fashion, without the need to stand up redundant high-availability pairs. Grow from megabits/sec to terabits/sec, with no down time and zero disruption.

.. and bringing all these three dimensions of cloud scalability with one powerful, yet simple, management framework forms the foundation of a true cloud network.

This keynote is sponsored by Citrix

Photo of Sunil  Potti

Sunil Potti

Citrix Systems Inc

Sunil Potti is vice president and general manager of the NetScaler Product Group at Citrix. Potti joined Citrix from F5 Networks, where he was a vice president of development and prior to that he co-founded and led all product efforts for Application-Oriented Networking at Cisco. Potti’s background includes heading products at Synchrony, a hosted eCRM solution company, and also many years at Sybase in various roles including leading the Sybase Central Architecture team.


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