Beyond CDN: Accelerating the Uncacheable

Stephen Ludin (Akamai, Board Member ISRG)
Sponsored Ballroom E
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Beyond CDN: Accelerating the Uncacheable

In 1999 the web was experiencing explosive growth, Y2K was scary, IE 5 was new, and caching was cutting edge. Caching was vital for the success of the still nascent web, and CDNs enabled online businesses to scale to levels unimagined just a few years before. Then we started blogging, personalizing pages, buying and selling online, checking and updating our status, and using mobile devices. Caching was no longer enough as the web shed its static roots to become increasingly dynamic and personal. CDNs have evolved and adapted to accelerate the uncachable. In this talk, we will dig deeper into these techniques, show how they work, explain when they should be used, and discuss the problems that still remain unsolved.

This session is sponsored by Akamai

Photo of Stephen Ludin

Stephen Ludin

Akamai, Board Member ISRG

Stephen Ludin is a Chief Architect for Akamai’s Site Acceleration and Security group. He joined Akamai in 2002 and works out of Akamai’s west-coast headquarter in San Mateo, California. His primary focus has been on projects related to the core proxy technology that is responsible for routing, accelerating, and securing Akamai’s traffic.

Most recently, as a technology leader in the Web Acceleration team, he has been leading the efforts behind Akamai’s next generation acceleration platform and its security and fraud prevention technology stack.

Ludin received his degree from the University of California at San Diego in Computer Music where his coding abilities were used in writing C programs to create experimental music. We are all grateful for his decision to use his technical and management skill in a more aesthetically pleasing realm of making the web a faster and safer realm for commerce and communications.


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