MarketLive’s Journey to Web Performance Excellence

Chris Selvig (Market Live), Shawn White (Keynote Systems)
Sponsored Ballroom E

This presentation is a holistic case study of how MarketLive achieved dramatic improvement in web performance. Subtopics covered include the human element, tools and techniques, statistics, what they did to realize improvement, and the bottom-line impact on revenue and satisfaction.

Culture: MarketLive’s first attempt to turn around performance centered around the implementation of a new hardware platform. The performance of this platform, as quantified by their monitoring tools, didn’t live up to its goals. The initial organizational reaction was to blame the data. A change to this attitude such that everyone accepted the data and focused on improvement was a key first step. Not surprisingly this was done using a data driven approach.

Bottom-Line: As a service provider MarketLive lives and dies by the results it delivers for its customers. We share how different changes in performance increased customer revenues and satisfaction. We also discuss how transparency played a key role here.

Technique: MarketLive employs more than just the standard external synthetic monitoring arsenal; they also monitor performance internally. External monitoring is necessary to capture 3rd party impacts like CDN performance and to establish credibility with customers. Internal monitoring is required to conduct rigorous analysis on infrastructure performance and to properly analyze the impact of the long tail on users. Even if average performance is nominal, many users can experience subpar performance have their economic value permanently decreased. We discuss the tools and statistics behind all of this and how this translated into results for MarketLive.

Tactics: Naturally, we also discuss the history of different changes MarketLive made to improve performance and show their impact on performance and the bottom-line.

This session is sponsored by Keynote Systems

Photo of Chris Selvig

Chris Selvig

Market Live

Chris Selvig has worked in numerous roles for MarketLive’s Client Services, Managed Services and Hosting, Organizational Development, and Finance groups over the last 13 years. His responsibilities are implementation and administration of companywide applications and their associated processes. He is also responsible for reporting metrics development and analysis for the Client Services and Managed Services groups. He is responsible for management of MarketLive’s Keynote Systems, Changepoint, Jira, Confluence, and Splunk applications.

Photo of Shawn White

Shawn White

Keynote Systems

Shawn White serves as vice president of operations. Mr. White oversees the management of Keynote’s global test and measurement infrastructure of over 3,000 measurement computers and mobile devices, in more than 240 locations. He is also responsible for the Keynote customer support organization and internal IT functions. As one of Keynote’s founding employees, Mr. White helped architect and build the world’s first globally distributed Web Performance monitoring network. An industry expert, Mr. White is regularly featured in business and technology media outlets for his analysis on how major events and public policy impact the Internet and mobile cloud.


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