How to Achieve Massive Data Scalability with SQLFire

Sudhir Menon (VMware)
Sponsored Ballroom E
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One of the challenges of managing applications on a Cloud-scale is data access. As your application and the number of its users grow, the database becomes your bottleneck and your application becomes increasingly slower. Some will propose expensive databases clustering as the answer, others will tell you to re-write your application to leverage that “cool” big data solution you’d been reading about. Attend this session to learn how VMware vFabric SQLFire is different. It gives you the speed, and scale you need in a substantially simpler way. As an in-memory and horizontally scalable distributed SQL database it delivers the speed and low latency that your application demands. Additionally, because it uses real SQL interface, it allows for much quicker and easier integration into your existing app.

Join us for an in-depth session and learn how SQLFire:

  • provides horizontal scalability, so if you need more capacity you just add more nodes and your data is automatically rebalanced
  • automatically partitions your data across nodes
  • supports replication across datacenters, so you can run your app anywhere in the world and still enjoy the same fast experience.

This session is sponsored by VMware

Sudhir Menon


With over 20 years of cutting edge software experience with marquee firms like Gemstone, Intel, EDS and CenterSpan communications, Sudhir Menon is one of the key architects for both GemFire and SQLFire. Sudhir is the R&D Director for both products and hold multiple patents in the areas of scaled up networking systems. His expertise in distributed data management spans multiple languages (Java, C++ and .NET) and multiple platforms and he has architected and developed network stacks for the last 10+ years. At Centerspan communications, he was one of the key architects who built the largest secure peer to peer content distribution platform over the internet. Sudhir has an engineering degree from University of Pune and an MBA from Babson College


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