One Millions Users vs. Your Web Application. Mega Testing Cloud Applications

Sven Hammar (Apica Systems)
Sponsored Ballroom E
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Do you know the limits of your cloud application? Want to know what one million users look like? Mastering testing capacity for cloud and mobile applications can be challenging but it is critical to any successful application launch. Knowing how many users your application can handle is just one part of it. Understanding why and what to do about it is just as important.

This session will guide you through mega load testing using best practices from successful large cloud deployments. Learn how to create an effective load test while validating application scalability and analyzing bottlenecks based on server and application code values. Using a demo of Apica’s open platform solution for performance and load testing, Sven will demonstrate live how you can create effective and powerful load test scripts in order to mega test a cloud application for validating, scaling, bottlenecks and stability.

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • Three common problems with cloud application performance
  • Why load testing a cloud application is different than a website
  • The failure rate for moving applications to the cloud
  • Selection criteria for Amazon instances
  • How to access a free testing tool for load testing and application performance

This session is sponsored by Apica Systems

Photo of Sven Hammar

Sven Hammar

Apica Systems

Sven Hammar founded Apica in 2005. As CEO, he has led the company from concept through development to becoming a premier provider of performance testing and monitoring. Sven has extensive business and technical experience in startups and public companies. Prior to founding Apica, he was CEO & co-founder of Celo Communications leading the structuring, funding and growth of the company. He also served as VP of Marketing at Gemplus (GEMP) leading the market launch of Gemplus security solutions/products for banking and PC-OEM with major players like RSA, VISA, MasterCard, ACI, Panasonic, and Target.


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