Handling an 1800 Percent Traffic Spike During Super Bowl XLVI

Jim Houska (Cars.com), David Beran (Cars.com)
Sponsored Ballroom E
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Our presentation reveals how we were able to quickly scale our Cars.com web site to handle the huge onrush of visitors driven by our Super Bowl XLVI advertising campaign. Watch the presentation to learn:

• How we sustained both an immediate 1800 percent spike* in page view traffic and a subsequent load that was 40 percent above our normal peak, all while maintaining business performance and customer satisfaction

• What compelled us to move from legacy tools to a new-generation APM system

• How we were able to make the leap from reactive to proactive, resolving issues before the business or customers complained

• What single monitoring solution we would keep if forced to choose

• How—rather than rushing around putting out production fires—the Cars.com team was able to watch the monitors and enjoy the big game!

*Source: Compuware APM

This session is sponsored by Compuware

Photo of Jim Houska

Jim Houska


Jim Houska, Enterprise Architect at Cars.com, has extensive experience in infrastructure architecture, operations, engineering, strategy, planning and comprehensive solution design for fortune 500 companies including JPMorgan Chase, Allstate and Discover.
Jim’s specialties include application performance management, advanced virtualization, unified computing, high availability and clustering, capacity planning and infrastructure architecture.

Photo of David Beran

David Beran


David Beran, Performance Engineer at Cars.com, has extensive experience in Web 2.0 application performance testing, analysis, tuning, optimization, development and architecture for highly scaled web applications. He also specializes in developing custom load management software for high throughput, real-time, highly available systems. Other specialties include virtualization, high availability, capacity planning and WebSphere applications.
In his free time, David likes music production, photography and cooking.


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