Dashboard Bliss – A Data-Driven Solution to Remote Collaboration Problems

Lucy Mendel (Rackspace)
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As the proportion of applications and architectures that get developed by people working from different sides of the country (or even further apart) grows, it’s become increasingly important to make sure remote collaboration projects run smoothly. One of the problems is that, as complexity and traffic increases, it’s hard to know who’s working on what, which actions have been agreed upon and – perhaps most importantly – when a client might be test-driving the system. Data management gets messy when you have a core team of, say, a dozen people, all in different locations, working on an SOA, and three dozen more have access to it. Rackspace developer, Lucy Mendel, will explain how her team developed Gutsy, a dashboard app that gives better visibility and control of data aggregated via the URI devops.json to offer a data-driven approach to keeping track of complex collaborative projects. She will offer real-world examples of how Gutsy significantly improved access, aggregation, bootstrapping and automation.

This session is sponsored by Rackspace

Lucy Mendel


Lucy Mendel has worked as a computer programmer and open source hacker at Rackspace, CloudKick and Endeca in addition to having two startups under her belt: Buy It Like You Mean It! and ProcrasDonate.


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