Lightning Demos

Marcel Duran (Google Inc.), Nat Duca (Google), Lindsey Simon (Google)
Web Performance Mission City Ballroom
This presentation will be streamed live along with the other keynotes.
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YSlow Powered By Community

Marcel Duran

With the advent of open sourcing YSlow, this popular performance analysis tool is now community driven where anyone can contribute from feature request to actual integration with other tools and environments. Everyone is welcome to join this session to keep up-to-date with latest YSlow features/integrations and learn how to contribute to the project no matter the level of performance/development expertise.

about:tracing - Chrome’s Internal Tool for Combatting Jank

Nat Duca

Having silky smooth, jank free web applications is of ever-increasing
importance. about:tracing is a tool we use inside the Chrome team to
diagnose jank. Built upon probes compiled into every Chrome build, a
Chrome trace provides detailed information about what every thread in
Chrome was doing throughout the recording. During the demo, we will
show how we can use these traces to understand and smooth out janky
looking scrolling behavior as well as animations.

Browserscope: How to Write a Test and Store Your Results.

Lindsey Simon

This demo will be a walk through for how to take your web-page based browser test and store and share your results with the world. We’ll talk about the specifics for how to write a good test and how to interpret the results per-browser.

Photo of Marcel Duran

Marcel Duran

Google Inc.

Marcel Duran is Front End Engineer at Google Inc. Prior to that he had been into web performance optimization on high traffic sites at Twitter Inc. and Yahoo! Front Page and Search teams where he applied and researched web performance best practices making pages even faster. On his last role as the Front End Lead for Yahoo!’s Exceptional Performance Team, he was dedicated to YSlow (now as his personal opensource project) and other performance tools development, researches and evangelism.

Photo of Nat Duca

Nat Duca


Nat Duca works on making web browsing in Chrome as smooth and jank free as possible.

Photo of Lindsey Simon

Lindsey Simon


Lindsey Simon is a Front-End Developer at Google. Simon hails from Austin where he worked at startups, taught computing at the Griffin School, and was the webmaster for years at the Austin Chronicle.

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Picture of Lindsey Simon
Lindsey Simon
06/27/2012 4:22am PDT

And the Browserscope HOWTO: urloritdidnthappen.appspot....

Picture of Marcel Duran
Marcel Duran
06/27/2012 4:02am PDT

Link to my slides:, visit for all YSlow flavors demoed today


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