Luz Caballero (Opera Software), Tony Gentilcore (Google), Taras Glek (Mozilla Corporation)
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Opera Mobile and Opera Mini: Top Speed in a Tiny Package

Luz Caballero

From its early days, Opera has focused on providing its users with a snappy browsing experience on a wide range of hardware and OSes. In this talk, we’ll look at the latest versions of Opera Mobile and Opera Mini and explore how they make web pages super fast.

Mobile Firefox

Taras Glek

Web apps are displacing traditional applications as browsers are taking over responsibilities traditionally provided by the operating system. This has performance implications and should change how we develop browsers and web apps. This talk will discuss systemic performance issues in traditional operating systems and how they manifest themselves on the web.


Tony Gentilcore

As you know, speed is one of Google Chrome’s top priorities, and we haven’t let up. In this talk, we’ll dive into the speed features added to Chrome and particularly the the magic under the hood of Chrome on Android. But just knowing what we did isn’t enough, we’ll also teach you to how ensure your web apps are speedy and high fidelity by using the Developer Tools to ensure your app is buttery smooth and blazingly fast on mobile devices.

Photo of Luz Caballero

Luz Caballero

Opera Software

Luz works at Opera as a Web
Opener, from Palo alto, CA. Her job is to help developers use Web
Standards to make the Web interoperable across all browsers and
devices, ensuring it stays accessible for everybody.

Photo of Tony Gentilcore

Tony Gentilcore


Tony Gentilcore is a Software Engineer on the Chrome Speed team.

At Google he has also worked on web search performance and Chrome on Android. He enjoys making the web faster and to that end: participates in the web standards, wrote chapter for “Even Faster Web Sites” and helped create Page Speed and Web Page Replay.

Photo of Taras Glek

Taras Glek

Mozilla Corporation

Taras is a performance geek at Mozilla. He is tasked with studying Firefox performance and coordinating browser optimization via the Snappy project. In the past Taras has worked on mobile app optimization, C/C++ analysis/refactoring tools, database-backed web apps and a functional-language operating system.


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