Lightning Demos

Patrick Meenan (Facebook), Bryan McQuade (Google), Dallas Marlow (Tumblr), Steve Souders (SpeedCurve)
Web Performance Mission City Ballroom
This presentation will be streamed live along with the other keynotes.
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Patrick Meenan

Patrick will go over the additions to WebPagetest over the last year for both the public version at and for private installs. There have been a lot of features introduced recently that you may not have noticed and there have been some really big changes as well so don’t miss it!

Page Speed

Bryan McQuade

In this lightning demo we’ll cover the newest Page Speed features.
We’ll show you how to use the Page Speed Critical Path Explorer to
analyze what’s in the critical path of the page load or the first
paint, and which Page Speed suggestions should be implemented in order
to reduce the time spent on that critical path.

Capacity Planning using Edgar

Dallas Marlow

This lightning demo will cover Edgar, an open source capacity planning tool that predicts future values and trends using existing time series data.

HTTP Archive

Steve Souders

The HTTP Archive has been tracking performance metrics for top websites since October 2010. This demo highlights today’s trends in the world of web performance.

Photo of Patrick Meenan

Patrick Meenan


Patrick Meenan is a software engineer at Facebook, where he’s helping make the web faster. Patrick has been working on web performance in one form or another for the last 25 years. Previously, he worked at Cloudflare and Google to make Chrome and the web faster. Patrick created the popular open source WebPageTest web performance measurement tool, runs the free instance of it at, and can frequently be found in the forums helping site owners understand and improve their website performance.

Photo of Bryan McQuade

Bryan McQuade


During Bryan’s time at Google, he has contributed to various projects that make the web faster, including Shared Dictionary Compression over HTTP, optimizing web servers to better utilize HTTP, and most recently, the Page Speed web performance tool. Prior to working on web performance, Bryan was the first full time engineer on the Google TV Ads team, where he helped to build some of Google’s TV ad auction and video management systems.

Photo of Dallas Marlow

Dallas Marlow


Dallas Marlow is an engineer at Tumblr where he has spent the last year working on performance and operational problems at scale as the site has grown more than 3 times over. He specializes in measuring, monitoring and predicting datastore performance and scalability. Prior to Tumblr he has worked to improve performance and reliability of several popular websites such as, and

Photo of Steve Souders

Steve Souders


Steve Souders is chief curver at SpeedCurve, where he works on the interplay between performance and design. Steve previously served as Google’s head performance engineer, Yahoo’s chief performance officer, and Fastly’s chief performance officer. Steve pioneered much of the work in the world of web performance. He is the author of High Performance Web Sites and Even Faster Web Sites as well as the creator of many performance tools and services including YSlow, HTTP Archive, Episodes, ControlJS, and Browserscope. Steve taught CS193H: High Performance Web Sites at Stanford and serves as cochair of Velocity, the web performance and operations conference from O’Reilly.

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Picture of Dallas Marlow
Dallas Marlow
06/26/2012 11:03am PDT

Archie Cowan
06/26/2012 7:54am PDT

Is there a link available to Edgar? Thanks!


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