Understanding and Optimizing Web Performance Metrics

Bryan McQuade (Google)
Web Performance Mission City B1
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There are many different web performance metrics, including onload, time to first byte, above the fold time, DOMContentLoaded, and time to first interaction, among others. In this talk we will explore the factors that influence each of these metrics, and look at the performance best practices that can be implemented to improve them. We will also look at how each metric correlates with user-perceived latency. We will finish by doing a deep dive analysis for these metrics for a set of example web pages.

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Bryan McQuade


During Bryan’s time at Google, he has contributed to various projects that make the web faster, including Shared Dictionary Compression over HTTP, optimizing web servers to better utilize HTTP, and most recently, the Page Speed web performance tool. Prior to working on web performance, Bryan was the first full time engineer on the Google TV Ads team, where he helped to build some of Google’s TV ad auction and video management systems.

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Picture of Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer
06/25/2012 6:41am PDT

The presentation is at perf-metrics-velocity2012.a...

Picture of Bryan McQuade
Bryan McQuade
06/25/2012 4:24am PDT

The Critical Path Explorer can be found here: developers.google.com/speed...

Enter a URL and click “Analyze” and you should see a link for the critical path explorer on the landing page.

Thomas Fahey
06/25/2012 4:12am PDT

Bryan, can you post the URL for running the Critical Path Explorer?

Picture of Christian Maurer
Christian Maurer
06/25/2012 3:48am PDT
Lance Reed
06/25/2012 3:16am PDT

Does anyone have the URL for the code examples handy?

Meghashyam Adoni
06/25/2012 2:24am PDT

Will this presentation be available online/to download? Thanks!

Picture of Paulo Trezentos
Paulo Trezentos
06/25/2012 2:23am PDT

Where is the HTML presentation ?


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