Logging as Event Streams

Paul Querna (Rackspace)
Operations Mission City B1
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Logging infrastructures have traditionally been centered around building human readable logging, but as systems have grown, the volume of log data is impractical for a human to consume.

In this session we explore how to:

  • Transporting logs across multiple datacenters.
  • Structured Logging: The emerging trend to use JSON or other structures to treat log messages as computer consumable first.
  • Use of open source tools like Graylog2 to analyze log streams.
  • Use of Event Stream Processing tools like ESPER to analyze log streams.
  • Triggering automated actions based on logging.
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Paul Querna


Paul Querna is an Architect at Rackspace, and former Chief Architect at Cloudkick. Paul has participated in many open source projects and is a committer to the Apache HTTP Server and Apache Libcloud, the open source library for developers to build portable cloud applications. Paul also previously served as VP of Infrastructure for the Apache Software Foundation.


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