Scaling Typekit: Infrastructure for Startups

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In just two years, Typekit transformed from an idea to a service delivering billions of fonts to hundreds of thousands of sites—including some of the world’s biggest brands.

But while the service grew rapidly, the backend engineering and operations team did not. A total of four people were responsible for building and running every aspect of the Typekit’s infrastructure, from application development to systems operations.

This session will take an in-depth look at how cloud services and the right amount of thinking allow a small team to deliver huge websites without big headaches.

We’ll cover:

  • Details on the services we used to help us grow quickly and the mistakes we make when choosing and using these services.
  • How to prioritize feature development against infrastructure needs.
  • How to choose when to buy and when to build it yourself, and why neither is often the right answer.

Paul Hammond


Paul Hammond makes things on the internet. He’s currently working on Typekit, a cloud based font subscription service for web designers. Previously he led a group of hard working supernerds at Flickr. He was involved in early versions of Yahoo Fire Eagle and Yahoo Pipes, and has helped build infrastructure for the BBC, Yahoo Bookmarks and Delicious.

Paul has spoken at conferences on subjects ranging from the future of broadcasting to how to win at Monopoly. He lives in San Francisco with 2 kids and no dog, and keeps an irregularly updated technical weblog at


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