11 Ways to Hack Puppet For Fun and Productivity

Luke Kanies (Puppet Labs)
Operations Mission City B4
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Puppet is a great tool for getting real work done shockingly quickly, but it’s also fantastically and easily extensible. In this talk, Luke Kanies, the founder of Puppet, will discuss how Puppet has focused on extensibility and its resultant benefits, including easier integration with other tools. He will also go through the major areas of extensibility in Puppet and provide simple examples of why you would look at extending Puppet, how you can do it, and then how you can share those extensions so the rest of the world can take advantage of your work.

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Luke Kanies

Puppet Labs

Luke founded Puppet and Puppet Labs in 2005 out of fear and desperation, with the goal of producing better operations tools and changing how we manage systems. He has been publishing and speaking on his work in Unix administration since 1997, focusing on development since 2001. He has developed and published multiple simple sysadmin tools and contributed to established products like Cfengine, and has presented on Puppet and other tools around the world, including at OSCON, LISA, Linux.Conf.au, and FOSS.in. His work with Puppet has been an important part of DevOps and delivering on the promise of cloud computing.

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Picture of Luke Kanies
Luke Kanies
06/26/2012 10:16am PDT

Slides are up now: www.slideshare.net/PuppetLa...

Deshi Xiao
06/25/2012 12:28pm PDT

no slide share,waiting

Picture of Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer
06/25/2012 8:33am PDT

Can we get a copy of the slides?


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