Scalable System Operations

Joshua Hoffman (LeaseWeb)
Operations Mission City B1
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System Administration is both an art and a science. Scalable System Administration is a set of principals and techniques for making the most effective use of your time, getting work done quickly, efficiently, and reliably.

Operations work can be tedious, repetitive, and error-prone. Or it can be fast, efficient and reliable. In this talk I will touch on many aspects of Scalable System Administration from new server provisioning, ongoing system maintenance, and end-of-life decommissioning. I will show you how to create a scalable workflow and along the way I will share the tips, techniques, and tools I’ve gathered over the last 15 years to make the SysAdmin’s job easier and more productive.

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Joshua Hoffman


A security focused system administrator and technical instructor, Joshua Hoffman has trained operations staff from the west coast to the far east in practical, efficient, and effecting system management techniques. Hoffman created major portions of Red Hat’s acclaimed System Administration training program, and certification exams.

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Ben Thompson
10/08/2012 4:07pm PDT

Thanks for the PDF format!!!!!

Nick Pilch
09/06/2012 5:12am PDT

This was a great preso. Any word on the video for this preso? Joshua, have you open-sourced any of these tools yet? Thanks for any info.

Steve Nielsen
07/10/2012 1:09pm PDT

Thanks Joshua!

07/02/2012 4:01am PDT

The slides are now up in pdf and html

Steve Nielsen
06/29/2012 2:14am PDT

Will the slides for this presentation be posted?


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