Getting A Grip On CDN Performance: Why And How

Aaron Peters (TurboBytes), sajal kayan (Turbobytes)
Web Performance Mission City B4
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Structure/contents of the session:

1. CDN performance in the real world: data, data, data!
To get warmed up, we take a deep dive into a massive amount of recent, real-world CDN performance data. Expect lots of never-seen-before charts that go beyond the typical “average response time”. You will learn that CDN performance is not always excellent and not always consistent.

2. Monitoring CDN performance
You want to know how fast the CDN is for your site visitors. What are your options for collecting performance data? We walk you through several techniques/services/tools, and zoom in on our RUM approach by way of explaining some of the key considerations when using RUM for monitoring CDN performance.

3. Analyzing the data: an approach and do’s & don’ts
How to make sense of CDN performance data and use it?
We will outline an approach that enables you to really get value and actionable insight from the data.

4. Action: what can you do?
What can you actually do to improve CDN performance? We provide tips that can help you get the most out of your CDN and improve the user experience.


  • Insight in current CDN performance
  • Walk-through of techniques/services/tools for monitoring CDN performance, with special attention for RUM
  • Tips on how to analyze CDN performance data
  • Tips for optimizing CDN performance
Photo of Aaron Peters

Aaron Peters


Web performance optimization consultant. Founder of and Snowboarder. Dad. Born in the USA, lives in The Netherlands.

Photo of sajal kayan

sajal kayan


Web geek and an experienced software engineer with 10+ years experience in web application development, cloud computing and performance optimization.

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Ben Thompson
10/08/2012 4:08pm PDT

The CDN tips for increasing performance is somewhat more technical. If it can be explained in layman terms it will be very much useful.

Picture of Justin Dorfman
Justin Dorfman
06/29/2012 4:59am PDT

Great Job Aaron and Sajal. We (NetDNA) can’t wait to start implementing your suggestions. It will not only benefit our customers, but the over all web experience for the millions of users we deliver content to.


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