Selecting and Deploying Automated Optimization Solutions

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Solutions for automatically improving website performance are coming to market at a rapid rate but they all largely fall into one of three deployment models:

  • SaaS – Where users are routed through the acceleration provider’s cloud solution on their way to the original site.
  • Appliance – Where you deploy the acceleration solution within your network, usually on a physical device but virtual appliances are also common.
  • Software – Where the acceleration solution is deployed on your web servers directly.

The different deployment models have implications for how you run your site. Some of the questions addressed will include:

  • Who controls updates to the acceleration software?
  • How does the acceleration solution impact your site scaling architecture?
  • In the case of an emergency, how is recovery handled?
  • What is the potential impact on site SLAs?
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Patrick Meenan


Patrick Meenan created WebPagetest while at AOL and now works at Google with a team that is working to make the web faster. He has been working on optimizing low-level networking performance for various applications (among other responsibilities) over the last 15 years.


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