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The Business Case for Velocity

You know that conferences are one of the most efficient ways to learn about best practices and new tools, expand your circle of smart thinkers, comparison shop the latest products, and get inspiration to streamline and energize your day-to-day operations.

But do you—or your boss—need help justifying continuing education or understanding how it can add to the bottom line? Below are a few ideas and points to make your case to attend the O'Reilly Velocity Conference.

Why More Training?

  • In-house professional development means less outsourcing and greater efficiency
  • Better understanding of open source options and integration cuts operating expenses
  • Gaining awareness of emerging technologies opens up new sales and marketing channels and keeps you ahead of the curve
  • Learning to scale for growth reduces costly mistakes in the long run
  • Stay competitive by increasing your company's—and your own—skills and knowledge base on the ecosystem of web performance and operations techonologies
  • Professional development leads to greater job satisfaction and employee retention
  • Some employers worry about investing in their staff who then leave. Wouldn't it be worse to have undertrained staff stay?

Why Network?

  • Making connections with other professionals provides resources for future projects
  • Discussing how other people have implemented processes cuts down the time to execute similar projects at your company
  • Building your circle gives you strong options for your next key hire
  • Velocity's Attendee Directory allows you to set business meetings with other conference participants before and during the event, and keeps you connected after it ends

Show What You'll Learn

  • Be topic savvy: With dedicated tracks for web operations, web performance, mobile performance, and more, there will always be a session to fit your educational needs.
  • Create a Personal Schedule (coming soon)—mark the sessions you plan to attend with the calendar icon—that address the problems you need to overcome on the job—and show it to your boss.
  • Attending with other members of your team? Use your Personal Schedules to avoid overlap and make sure you're maximizing company time in sessions

Share the Know-how

Let your boss know that you'll also educate the rest of the team:

  • Plan a working lunch presentation after you return
  • Write up a report and action plan based on what you took away from the conference
  • Supplement your own materials with the speakers' slides and keynote videos, which are posted as the conference progresses
  • Gather up information from the Exhibit Hall and bring it back to the office so your colleagues can review it too
  • Make a database with the business cards you bring back and share this experts network with your team

Get the Most from Your Budget

  • Register Early: the earlier you sign up, the more you save on registration costs, travel, and hotel
  • Check out the Discounts: If you qualify, a discount can be used during the Early Registration phase to save even more
  • Bring a Team: Send three or more colleagues from your company and save 20% on each registration. Each person can attend different tutorials and sessions to bring back even more valuable skills, tips, and techniques!
  • Velocity Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn followers are always eligible for discounts

Why O'Reilly Velocity Conference?

  • O'Reilly Velocity Conference is an aggregator, bringing together innovators and practitioners from the tribe of web performance and operations gurus and beyond, offering the most relevant skills, technologies, and updates on web performance, operations, mobile performance, cloud computing, metrics, TCP, HTTP, and SSL optimizations, and more.
  • Content choices: O'Reilly Velocity offers in-depth tutorials, sessions on a broad range of topics, a product-rich Exhibit Hall, and high-level keynotes. Choose the registration package that fits your educational needs
  • Experts on stage and off: It's not just the speakers who are some of the smartest and most driven in the business; O'Reilly Velocity Conference is filled with active, informed participants eager to share ideas and debate issues
  • Program chairs Steve Souders and John Allspaw and their Velocity Program Committee curate the content to focus on the most relevant ideas, tools, analysis, and projects
  • New services, new standards, and new players are emerging constantly. O'Reilly Velocity Conference frames what's ahead to help you maintain a competitive edge in any economy
  • Think three days in sunny Silicon Valley is a vacation? Think again. O'Reilly Velocity Conference delivers challenging education all day and informative debate into the night
  • Velocity is brought to you by O'Reilly Media, one of the most trusted names in the technology industry.


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