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Yahoo and Akamai on IPv6 (Velocity 2011)

The Bit Source, by Ilan Rabinovitch, Jul. 15, 2011

Cisco and OpenStack, by Simon Bisson, Jun. 27, 2011

Velocity 2011 retrospective - Resilience engineering and data's role in performance are key trends in web ops.

O'Reilly Radar, by Mike Loukides, Jun. 27, 2011

Five Trends From the Velocity Conference

Real User Monitoring, by alon, Jun. 20, 2011

The Backchannel: Dell Storage Forum, File System Latency, Illumos ..., by Jackson West, Jun. 24, 2011

Velocity 2011: The Performance Impact of ...

Velocity, by tee, Jun. 24, 2011

Velocity 2011, the Web Performance and Operation Conference by ..., by Lidia Thompson, Jun. 20, 2011

Velocity 2011: Take-aways, Trends, and Highlights - A Free Live Webcast - Jun 24 @ 10am PT

O'Reilly News, by O'Reilly Media, Jun. 22, 2011

Netflix Velocity Conference 2011, by Sam Hamilton, Jun. 20, 2011

Velocity Conference Presentation Gives Insight ..., by mikek, Jun. 21, 2011

The Mobile Road is Uphill. Both Ways, by Lori MacVittie, Jun. 20, 2011

#VelocityConf 2011- Web Performance Is A Big Deal, by coachwei, Jun. 20, 2011

Google urges background tab websites to throttle themselves

The Register, by Cade Metz, Jun. 16, 2011

APIs Power Netflix's Move to Cloud, Enabling World Domination, by Kin Lane, Jun. 20, 2011

Douglas Crockford and JavaScript a Great Mix at Velocity 2011 Event, by staff, Jun. 21, 2011

Mozilla eyes multi-threaded webpage rendering

The Register, by Cade Metz, Jun. 17, 2011

Crockford on JavaScript at Velocity 2011, by Ian Elliot , Jun. 18, 2011

Google Speeds Up Web-Page Downloads with SPDY Protocol News, by Chris Preimesberger, Jun. 20, 2011

Cloud Computing: Google Speeds Up Web-Page Downloads with SPDY Protocol, by Chris Preimesberger, Jun. 20, 2011

The Future of Work, by Glenn Engstrand, Jun. 19, 2011

Velocity-Web Operations

Tech Manager, by Kevin, Jun. 19, 2011

Four Built-In Ways to Share Visio Diagrams - A Free Live Webcast - Jun 22 10AM PT

O'Reilly News, by O'Reilly Media, Jun. 20, 2011

Velocity 2011 - Jeremy's Thoughts, by Jeremy, Jun. 20, 2011

Velocity 2011 debrief - Steve Souders weighs in on Velocity 2011 and looks ahead to upcoming Velocity events.

O'Reilly Radar, by Steve Souders, Jun. 17, 2011

Takeaways from John Allspaw Talk at Velocity 2011, by Cory von Wallenstein, Jun. 15, 2011

Know Your Engines at O'Reilly Velocity 2011

David Mandelin's blog, by David Mandelin, Jun. 17, 2011

SiteSpect to Exhibit at the O'Reilly Velocity Conference, by unknown, Jun. 13, 2011

CSS checker helps developers ...

Best Make Money, by admin, Jun. 16, 2011

Keynote Raises Bar for Cloud Monitoring with Enhanced Versions of Application Perspective and Cloud Application Perspective, by Dan Berkowitz, Jun. 15, 2011

CSS checker helps developers clean up their code, by Paul Krill, Jun. 15, 2011

Google sees 15% speed boost with HTTP tweak

The Register, by Cade Metz, Jun. 16, 2011

EQUINIX : Etsy Expands into SV5 Equinix Data Center, by Cassie Smith, Jun. 14, 2011

Mobile Web & HTML5 performance optimization

Mobile Web Programming, by firt, Jun. 15, 2011

Connect to the CDN

Citrix Blogs, by Morgan Gerhart, Jun. 15, 2011

Google's HTTP Archive merges with Internet Archive

The Register, by Cade Metz, Jun. 15, 2011

Cycle Computing Leverages Opscode's Hosted Chef to Support Large Scale Compute Cluster Protein Analysis, by Melissa Liton, Jun. 15, 2011

Web Host Voxel Integrates Hosted Chef for Cloud Infrastructure Automation, by Nicole Henderson, Jun. 15, 2011

YSlow for Mobile Performance Analysis Now Available, by Betty Tso, Jun. 15, 2011

HTTP Archive: 1M URLs, Internet Archive, Sponsors, by Steve Souders, Jun. 15, 2011

ExtraHop Networks Delivers Real-Time Application Visibility for Web Services with Industry's First Memcache Module and New AMF Module, by Justin Baker, Jun. 14, 2011

Dyn Releases New Powerhouse in Enterprise Class Email Delivery, by Lindsey Smart, Jun. 15, 2011

Opscode Delivers Cloud Infrastructure Automation to the Enterprise, by unknown, Jun. 14, 2011

1/3 Of Top Websites Return Mobile Content to Android Tablet, by guypo, Jun. 15, 2011

Velocity 2011 Live Stream

The Bit Source, by Matthew Sacks, Jun. 15, 2011

Web Host Voxel Integrates Hosted Chef for Cloud Infrastructure ..., by Klaas, Jun. 15, 2011

Keynote Systems Previews Industry's Next Generation Testing & Monitoring Technology for Mobile Apps on Real Smartphones at O'Reilly Velocity Conference, by Dan Berkowitz, Jun. 15, 2011

Opscode Announces General Availability of Hosted Chef, by unknown, Jun. 14, 2011

Opscode Eyes Enterprise Clouds with Private Chef, by Rich Miller, Jun. 14, 2011

Velocity Conference Live Streaming

Ubergizmo, by Eliane Fiolet, Jun. 14, 2011

FastSoft to Demo Integration With Google Web Performance Tools at Velocity Conference 2011, by unknown, Jun. 14, 2011

Apica Announces Free Apica Watch Cloud Performance Monitoring Service Trial Offer at Velocity 2011, by Danielle Salvato, Jun. 14, 2011

Opscode Unveils Private Chef for the Enterprise, by unknown, Jun. 14, 2011

WatchMouse Introduces New In-App Monitoring for Mobile Apps, by admin, Jun. 13, 2011

Tech Manager - Tech Manager Home - Velocity Conference

Velocity news (via Google blog search), by Kevin, Jun. 12, 2011

Velocity 2011

O'Reilly Radar, by Mike Loukides, Jun. 02, 2011

See you at Velocity 2011, by John Laban, Jun. 10, 2011

The state of speed and the quirks of mobile optimization - Steve Souders on browser wars, site speed, and the HTTP Archive.

O'Reilly Radar, by Jenn Webb, Jun. 01, 2011

Velocity grows with more tracks, more topics and ... bath products ...

O'Reilly Radar, by Steve Souders, May. 25, 2011

Why speed matters

O'Reilly Radar, by Joshua-Michele Ross, Apr. 26, 2011

Ticket sales are open for Velocity 2011, by Josh Fraser, Mar. 25, 2011

Velocity online conference March 2011, by Stoyan, Mar. 15, 2011

Velocity online conference – March 2011, by Praveen, Mar. 16, 2011

Velocity China

Steve Souders Blog, by Steve Souders, Dec. 10, 2010

Evolution of Script Loading

Steve Souders Blog, by Steve Souders, Dec. 06, 2010

O'Reilly Velocity Conference Invites Web Performance and Operations Rock Stars: Call for Participation Opens

O'Reilly News, by Maureen Jennings, Nov. 15, 2010

Jesse Robbins Interviewed at Gov 2.0, Oct. 30, 2010

A Faster Web - It's Not about the Network Anymore

ReadWriteWeb, by Guest Author , Sep. 14, 2010

O'Reilly Web Operations and Performance Conference Accelerates Growth: Attendance at Velocity 2010 Doubles Original Numbers

O'Reilly News, by Maureen Jennings, Jul. 22, 2010

Facebook Gobbles 16-Billion Minutes of your time a Day according to Studies, by David Novak, Jul. 19, 2010

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