Presentations: Ignite

Presented by: Brent Chapman
As your network's complexity increases, so do the errors, inconsistencies, and omissions caused by manual configuration, and brokenness abounds. There's a better way! Come hear Brent Chapman reveal the benefits of automating the configuring of network devices and services using his cool new open source 'Netomata Config Generator'.
Presented by: Justin Huff
A brief intro to the sport of triathlon intermingled with the story of how I was roped into my first.
Presented by: Amy Lightholder
This is a brief presentation based on my years of (a) overcoming my intense shyness, (b) learning how to do marketing (both for my company and myself as a professional) and (c) practicing how to make some good connections at a conference without being fake or driving yourself crazy.
Presented by: Mandi Walls
A brief intro or referesher on basic statistics functions and how they might be useful in the world of web operations.
Presented by: Sam Ramji
The Internet is evolving beyond the browser- open APIs are the new indirect channel for content, services, data and brands. They've also become the new business imperative. 5 minutes on what Darwin's Theory of Evolution and successive adaptation tells us about winning in the new world. What companies that evolve have in common & what makes the difference between success and extinction.
Presented by: Billy Hoffman
How fast is the web in 2010? To find out Zoompf analyzed the Alexa 1000 for over 300 performance issues. In this 5 minute waltz through our findings we touch how sites actually implement performance practices, show some surprising performance statistics, and reveal which popular site includes 47 JavaScript files on their main page!
Presented by: Chuck Kindred
Gratitude is a powerful tool that can change your perspective and transform your life or a room for people. The presentation would be a brief talk about gratitude and then a list from A to Z of things for which I am grateful.
Presented by: Anderson Lin
Want to go to China? Things work very differently there and what works here don't always work there. See how 300 million web users use their Internet.
Presented by: Sean Walbran
Sites using a mixture of insecure (http) and secure (https) pages face an interesting set of performance challenges; some familiar, and some exotic. We present some observations and measurements, along with some approaches for dealing with these challenges.
Presented by: Jesper Andersen
The advances that social media have given us are built around the assumption that the edges of our social graph are positive - this assumption isn't true. We all have enemies; we all get hurt. And when this happens the meaning of our social networking applications changes dramatically.

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