Progressive Enhancement: Tools and Techniques

Web Performance 209/210
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The painful impact JavaScript has on page load times is well understood – scripts block downloads and rendering, even in newer browsers. The solution to this problem is progressive enhancement – rendering the visible elements immediately as HTML and adding JavaScript interactivity later. Web performance experts often recommend using progressive enhancement to optimize page load times. However, there isn’t a lot of practical information available on how to implement progressive enhancement in a complex web application. In this workshop, we’ll cover tools and techniques for implementing progressive enhancement including Closure Compiler, Google Page Speed, and other JavaScript frameworks.

Anne Sullivan


Software engineer at Google. Have worked on web search, Google Docs, and Google Toolbar.

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Picture of Shanti Subramanyam
Shanti Subramanyam
06/24/2010 2:05pm PDT

Great presentation Anne. What a way to start your conference debut ! I learned a lot.

Jason Madlung
06/23/2010 8:05am PDT

One the best presentations for the Front End folks on Tuesday. Excellent. Only wish it was longer.

Anne Sullivan
06/23/2010 3:39am PDT

FYI, here is a link to the slides:

Picture of Jon West
Jon West
06/23/2010 2:54am PDT

Despite not having spoke before I think Annie did a great job. I received new/better answers to similar questions I asked a year ago at Velocity. I plan to follow up with Annie to get feedback on a few solutions we’d like to use to further improve shopzilla/bizrate.

Picture of Chris McDaniel
Chris McDaniel
06/22/2010 9:39am PDT

Interesting session. Speaker very knowledgeable. Would have been good to get into a little more detail on some of the examples and she sped through things quickly. Still she did a great job for first time ever speaking. I would go to another session of hers.

Picture of Steve Souders
Steve Souders
05/17/2010 4:39am PDT


Picture of Steve Souders
Steve Souders
05/17/2010 4:38am PDT

Annie is a top performance web dev at Google. She and I talk constantly. One tension that comes up frequently in my recommendations for deferring JavaScript is how some pages have their HTML built by JavaScript client side. Annie has tackled that issue on some big web properties, and has advice for new ways of building web apps that support heavy use of JavaScript but still render quickly. Progressive enhancement is the most important pattern I recommend for fast web sites. Come here a great web dev with real experience talk about these new techniques.

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