Don't Let Third Parties Slow You Down

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Ads, widgets and other third-party content bring many benefits to your web pages and users. However, they often slow down your pages. We’ll share data on how page speed is affected by such content. We’ll also discuss recent work at Google to make ads as fast as possible, and what site owners and third-party content providers can do to make sure pages are not slowed down by them.

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Arvind Jain



Michael Kleber


Michael is a mathematician who has spent the last ten years working on efficient algorithms in different contexts. Now he works for Google making the internet faster.

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Michael Kleber
06/23/2010 9:55am PDT

Slides uploaded now, thanks for your patience!

@Daniel Lamb: It’s certainly true that iframe creation takes some time, though our real-world experimental data shows it’s certainly faster than the ~10ms reported by Steve’s blog post. But for publishers that aren’t going to change their pages, the alternative to an iframe is a blocking script fetch; here the iframe wins hands-down.

Benedikt Pletzer
06/23/2010 7:24am PDT

That’s great news Arvind, thanks!

Actually I would love to hear a little bit more about the synchonisation problems you talked about. We use adsense in iframes, but when I made our site “even faster” it went to fast for adsense and the communication about how many ads were already shown went screwed.

Another thin I want to ask. On Google IO Ajax for Adsense war presented and got in closed Beta. Since then I’m trying to get in or at least get a look in the documentation. Because what I saw on the demonstration site, it quite looks like what I want to have Adsense…

Picture of Arvind Jain
Arvind Jain
06/23/2010 7:06am PDT

@Benedikt, You are right. We’d like to add an advanced adsense code in future for publishers who can make a change on their side. Our current solution is meant to help all publishers instantly. We’ll keep you all posted on the progress.

Picture of Jon West
Jon West
06/23/2010 7:03am PDT

Great presentation. I ran into the document.write issue last night while trying to optimize out ad loading. Can you post your slides?

Benedikt Pletzer
06/23/2010 6:57am PDT

Great session!

Nice that you think about all those people which would have a hard time implementing a new code. We had a BoF session yesterday evening, actually talking about third party impact. Mostly brawling about bad code, but some ideas surfaced.

One idea bears a question for you. Why don’t you have a second, more advanced adsense code, which people can use which do care and which have the skills to implement?

Picture of Daniel Lamb
Daniel Lamb
06/23/2010 6:07am PDT

Great session thank you! You mentioned that you use iframes because you do not want to force websites to update the html markup. I understand that is necessary, and I think the solution you’ve been playing with is brilliant, but since iframes are:

“1-2 orders of magnitude more expensive to create than any other type of DOM element – Steve Souders”

Do you have any plans for a more efficient “opt-in” solution? You already check for global variables for the ad meta data (google_ad_width) why not add another such as:

google_ad_id = “element_id”; google_ad_ids = [“element_id1”,”element_id1”];

Just a thought…

Picture of Alla Gringaus
Alla Gringaus
06/23/2010 6:05am PDT

wow. Michael Kleber… mathematician with superior mental capacity, undoubtedly. So much useful info so fast in such a short period of time… Thank you, Michael!

Picture of Marcel Duran
Marcel Duran
06/23/2010 6:05am PDT

nice presentation, would you mind sharing slides?

Picture of Ismail Elshareef
Ismail Elshareef
06/23/2010 6:00am PDT

It’s awesome to hear Arvind talk about the very techniques we used in late 2008 to mitigate 3rd party impact on our page performance for the redesign :-) I’ll be talking more about what we did in my session tomorrow at 6:00 pm.

Picture of Bjoern Kaiser
Bjoern Kaiser
06/23/2010 4:58am PDT

imho, one of the best if not the best session

Picture of Steve Souders
Steve Souders
05/17/2010 4:58am PDT

I talk about the growing performance impact of third-party content in my P3PC series . It’ll be great to hear some stats on this from Google and esp. nice to hear their tips on making ads faster. This is a super critical talk to hear.

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