Metrics 101: What to Measure on Your Website

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This session will help you build a complete web monitoring strategy. We’ll cover the many different metrics you can collect, from latency and uptime to usability and navigation – and show you how to tie them to the goals of your web business.

Taught by the co-authors of O’Reilly’s Complete Web Monitoring, this packed workshop will look at every part of your online measurement strategy, with a particular focus on what web operators need to know. We’ll cover:

  • The elements of web latency
  • Strategies for collecting end user experience
  • How performance and availability fit into the rest of the monitoring picture
  • Linking performance to business metrics like time-on-site, conversion rates, and engagement
  • Measuring sites you rely on, but don’t control
  • How to roll up measurement data to share it with other stakeholders
Photo of Sean Power

Sean Power

Watching Websites

Sean Power is a consultant, analyst, author and speaker. He is the co-founder of Watching Websites, a boutique consulting firm focusing on early stage startups, products and non-profits as they emerge and mature in their niches. He has built professional services organizations and traveled across North America delivering engagements to Fortune 1000 companies. He helps executives understand their competitive landscape and the future of their industry. He has done technical edition for Troubleshooting Linux Firewall for Addison-Wesley and co-authored Complete Web Monitoring for O’Reilly media with Alistair Croll.

Sean has had first-hand experience creating and implemented social computing strategies with larger companies like MTV and smaller startups like Akoha. He is active in the social computing space, using Twitter and blogs as his communication platforms of choice. He often speaks on the subject of product acceleration, measurement or social computing in clinics, workshops, presentations and one-on-one training.

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Fabian Sauter
08/25/2010 11:57pm PDT

Very good presentation, thanks for sharing it on slideshare.

Vincent Kenney
06/22/2010 10:02am PDT

Great tips on making the math work for you when communicating to other, non-technical audiences in your business.

Very organized, clear direction and message.

Need to buy the book!

Rajesh D'costa
06/22/2010 5:01am PDT

Great Presentation. Thanks !

Picture of Rabble Evan Henshaw-Plath
Rabble Evan Henshaw-Plath
06/22/2010 4:58am PDT

Really good talk about the general space. Was pitched as beginner and for me, not knowing the space, it was really good. Well presented.

Picture of Ryan Witt
Ryan Witt
06/22/2010 4:07am PDT

Very thorough, excellent content and fantastic presentation!

Kevin Ahn
06/22/2010 4:06am PDT

Thanks for opening up the conversation between techies and non-techies. Metrics must translate to business goals like you said and I’m psyched to take this message to our business team.

Picture of Marcel Duran
Marcel Duran
06/22/2010 4:06am PDT

Nice talk, hope to get all that covered on Complete Web Monitoring book.

Picture of Amit Saurav
Amit Saurav
06/22/2010 4:01am PDT

It was awesome!

Ed Cortis
06/22/2010 3:28am PDT

Great presso folks, nice one. Thanks

Picture of Steve Souders
Steve Souders
05/12/2010 7:43am PDT

It’s such a huge win to have Alistair and Sean doing a workshop on metrics. These guys wrote THE book on monitoring (600+ pages). I always say – don’t even start working on performance until you have metrics in place, otherwise you’re just flying blind. So it’s appropriate to have the first session on the first day be devoted to a deep dive on metrics. When you’re done with this workshop you’ll know WHAT to measure and HOW to measure it.

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