Overclocking SSL

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At Google we’re fanatical about speed and security so we’re working
hard on making HTTPS faster in Google Chrome. In this talk we’ll cover
details of the SSL/TLS protocol and where latency is introduced. We’ll
describe how sites can configure themselves for optimal performance
and the changes to SSL/TLS that we’re experimenting with to help in
the future.

  • The current costs of HTTPS over HTTP in Google’s serving infrastructure (dependent on getting internal approvals to release the data)
  • Corking, records and the interaction of TLS with TCP congestion control
  • Session tickets
  • What are CRLs and OCSP and why your users are spending hundreds of milliseconds on them.
  • OCSP stapling
  • OCSP disk caching in future versions of Firefox and Google Chrome
  • Cut-through/False start mode
  • OCSP multi-stapling
  • TLS cached info
Photo of Adam Langley

Adam Langley


Adam Langley is a software engineer at Google, working on OpenSSL, NSS and Google Chrome.

Nagendra Modadugu


Nagendra Modadugu is a software engineer at Google who has worked extensively on Google’s HTTPS serving infrastructure.

Wan-Teh Chang


Wan-Teh Chang is a software engineer at Google who works on NSS and Google Chrome.

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