Performance Impact, Part Two: More Findings from the Front Lines of Web Acceleration

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Last year at Velocity, Hooman Beheshti presented the findings from phase one of Strangeloop’s long-term research into the relationship between web performance and business benefits. The results were also published in Watching Websites. Since then, we’ve received a barrage of questions from the web performance community, which fueled phase two of our study. Today I’ll be presenting our most recent findings.

Some of the community’s questions were:

  • Who were the clients?
  • How fast were the pages?
  • What acceleration techniques were implemented?
  • What happened to the key page components (such as JS size, payload and roundtrips) of the websites?
  • How did changing key variables (page load time, payload, number of roundtrips, etc.) affect the outcome?

We’ve been collecting and analyzing data to help us answer these questions, as well as some new ones we’ve thought up along the way. Join us as we present our findings, and help us consider what areas deserve further study.

Photo of Joshua Bixby

Joshua Bixby

Strangeloop Networks

As President of Strangeloop Networks, Joshua defines Strangeloop’s strategic marketing and product direction. Prior to founding Strangeloop, he co-founded and served as President and CEO of IronPoint Technology, helping lead the company to successful acquisition by The Active Network in 2006. Joshua also served as Senior Vice President, Marketing and Product Development, at NTS Internet Solutions, after having held senior marketing and product roles at MNK and GRAPAD.

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Picture of Michael Czeiszperger
Michael Czeiszperger
08/11/2010 5:43am PDT

The talk was great, but I’ve been unable to find the source for the Google or Bing research for more information. Joshua, would you happen to have those links handy?


Picture of Joshua Bixby
Joshua Bixby
05/25/2010 8:18am PDT

Thanks, Steve. I’m excited to be presenting. I’m still fine-tuning my notes, so if anyone out there has any specific data they’re interested in, now is a good time to ask. Email me at

Picture of Steve Souders
Steve Souders
05/17/2010 5:24am PDT

The initial study done by Strangeloop showed strong correlations between web performance and ecommerce. It’s great to have the Joshua here to reveal more data as well as the specifics of which sites ran the experiment. This is where you get stats to take home to the business people in your company to justify the tasks on your performance todo list.

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