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Managing the technical quality of your website has become extremely complex and the number of metrics you collect has skyrocketed.

Faced with potentially hundreds of candidate metrics, how do you select those that are most meaningful? Far too often we slap KPI on any metric without pausing to think what our business is solving for.

If you are impressed with the number of metrics you are reporting (or your tools are spewing out) and yet utterly frustrated that you can’t find actionable insights it is time to rethink your approach.

Your users’ experience is ultimately determining if they are going to use the site to interact with your company or not. What distinguishes firms that achieve superior online business results from those that struggle are actionable user metrics.

In this session you will learn which metrics (KPIs) are key for successfully managing your site. You will walk away with a holistic framework for managing site quality that you can implement today.

Specifically we will cover:

Why increasing site complexity calls for a new paradigm for performance management

The pros and cons of different data collection approaches (synthetic, passive, internal – System/Server/Network)

Which metrics highly correlate with user satisfaction – What do users really care about

Key metrics every site owner must collect and what they mean

How to use competitive and industry data for context

Why client/browser processing is critical to your user experience, and how to measure and improve it

10 most common performance pitfalls illustrated via real world examples, and how to tackle them

How to create a holistic framework for managing your site quality with few key metrics

Photo of Ben Rushlo

Ben Rushlo

Keynote Systems Inc.

Ben Rushlo, Director Performance Consulting, Keynote Systems

Ben Rushlo, Director of Keynote Performance Consulting at Keynote Systems, is one of the world’s leading Internet performance experts. Ben advises Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies in the Retail, Automotive, and Financial Services industries, helping to transform their global sites into highly performing, highly available Web assets that provide superior end-user experiences every time.

Before joining Keynote, Ben was a Senior Performance and Capacity Planning Engineer at American Express, where he served as a core member of the team that launched American Express on the Web.

With more than 10 years of experience in Internet and Intranet technologies, Ben has expertise in Internet performance and performance tuning with the major Web technologies.

Ben is a frequent speaker at executive summits, cloud computing conferences, industry symposiums in retail and financial services, and test and performance conferences like AJAX World, and appeared on CNBC live broadcasts.

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Jan Maarten van Dongen
07/24/2009 7:24am PDT

metrics are the only way to really measure the things that you care about, especially the more they are related to business the better…

Jan Maarten

Corinna Krueger
06/25/2009 7:54am PDT

End user as key barometer for site success is really what we need. Great real world examples and knowing I only need to measure 2-5 key business paths is extremely valuable.

Picture of Nick Gerner
Nick Gerner
06/25/2009 1:31am PDT

I felt like this was too focussed on exactly the way that Keynote does monitoring. I didn’t walk away with new information or knowledge I can apply in my shop (unless I get keynote).

Picture of Steve Bennett
Steve Bennett
06/23/2009 1:58am PDT

I hoped that this would be a session to dig into the metrics that matter for performance tuning, etc. The message was clear, the “ONLY” thing you need to monitor was the client side experience. To me, this is almost as bad as having the customer call you to tell you have a problem. In my experience you need to monitor internally and externally. Both have merit, but only one was discussed.

Gary Richardson
06/22/2009 12:07pm PDT

My favorite session of the day. His 9 metrics connected the dots that I couldn’t on my own.

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