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Live on the main stage: the latest tools you need to analyze websites, including AOL PageTest, HttpWatch, YSlow 2.0, and Visual Round Trip Analyzer.

AOL PageTest – Eric Goldsmith (AOL, LLC)
AOL PageTest was introduced at Velocity 2008. This presentation provides an introduction for new users, as well as an update on new features for existing users. Both the stand-alone and hosted versions will be demonstrated.

HttpWatch – Simon Perkins (Simtec Limited)
A demonstration of HttpWatch version 6.0 being used to highlight HTTP related performance issues in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

YSlow 2.0 – Stoyan Stefanov (Yahoo! Inc)
YSlow is an extension to Firefox that inspects the currently loaded page and checks for compliance with the best practices. It has been downloaded by over 500K developers and is used by 100K developers daily. The new YSlow 2.0 comes with more best practices, but is also highly customizable and extensible so you can add your own custom company requirements. Come and learn how to make your web pages fly and attract repeated visitors, because, at the end, we all hate slow pages.

Visual Round Trip Analyzer – Jim Pierson (Microsoft)
Visual Round Trip Analyzer is a free tool available for download. We use this tool internally at Microsft to look at our web sites. The tool sits on top of Netmon 3.1, a packet analyzer, also a free download from Microsoft. I will show several features: a) The visual download chart which shows downloads in a more accurate way than other tools available, as HTTP1.1 with TCP ports reused instead of HTTP1.0 with one file per port. b) File by File analysis – shows file size, timing, compression potential for files not compressed, expiration dates,etc. c) Best Practice Analysis – your page is graded against 15 rules with an A through F rating. Each file that breaks a rule is listed as an exception. d) Packet level drill down – go beyond the expert and look at the details of each packet.

Firebug – Jan Odvarko (Freelance) This presentation shows how Firebug is used to diagnose and improve web-page load performance. The presentation focuses on Net panel, which monitors page network activity. Live demo included.

Photo of Eric Goldsmith

Eric Goldsmith


Eric Goldsmith, Operations Architect at AOL, has more than 20 years of experience providing technical leadership in the areas of product development, engineering and operations. At AOL he has led efforts to deliver the highest levels of performance and availability for top Web sites, including:;; and AOL Video; among others.

His areas of expertise include Performance Analysis, Capacity Planning, Network Engineering, and Software Development. Prior to AOL, Eric worked for companies such as UUNet, WorldCom and CompuServe, as well as telecom and Internet startups. He holds a BS in Computer Science from The Ohio State University.

Photo of Simon  Perkins

Simon Perkins

Simtec Limited

Simon Perkins is the CEO and Founder of Simtec Limited

Photo of Stoyan Stefanov

Stoyan Stefanov


Stoyan Stefanov is a Facebook engineer. Previously at Yahoo, he was the creator of the online image-optimization tool and architect of the YSlow 2.0. performance tool. Stoyan is the author of JavaScript Patterns and Object-Oriented JavaScript, a contributor to Even Faster Web Sites and High-Performance JavaScript, and a frequent speaker at conferences including Velocity, JSConf, Fronteers, and Ajax Experience.

Photo of Jim Pierson

Jim Pierson


At Microsoft since 1996, Jim initially built tools to collect and analyze router and WAN statistics. After optimizing the WAN for 300 offices, he found many apps across the WAN were still slow. This led Jim to focus on the communications between client and server and build up a class he calls, Building Network Smart Applications. Since 2001 Jim has led efforts focused on improving web site performance for MSN and Live. Jim will be presenting the Visual Round Trip Analyzer (VRTA) tool now available on

Photo of Jan Odvarko

Jan Odvarko


Jan Odvarko is independent software consultant currently working for Mozilla. He previously cofounded AllPeers and has been active in Firefox extension development for many years. He is currently spending most of his time contributing to the Firebug project (open source in-browser development tool).

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