What the Rest of the Company Knows About Your Website

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Based on the content of the Watching Websites book that Sean Power and Alistair Croll are writing (scheduled to be out June 29th) this is a look at the various forms of instrumentation that run on a website, and what they can tell folks in Operations. It’s an overview of Voice of the Customer, Community Management, Analytics, Interaction Analytics, and other tools that companies are using to understand their visitors’ web experiences.

Ultimately, web operators need to work hand in hand with these other groups. They’re all after the same thing – whether that’s conversions, enrollment, growth or simple transactions – but they seldom work together.

Photo of Alistair Croll

Alistair Croll

Solve For Interesting

Alistair is a principal at analyst firm Bitcurrent, and a frequent contributor to the GigaOm family of sites. Prior to Bitcurrent, Alistair co-founded"Coradiant":http://www.coradiant.com, a leader in online user monitoring, as well as research firm Networkshop. He has held product management positions with 3Com Corporation, Primary Access, and Eicon Technology.

Alistair has coordinated and spoken at a wide range of industry events, including Interop, Structure, Web2Expo and Unconference. He is the author of numerous articles on Internet performance and security, and co-author of Managing Bandwidth: Deploying QOS in Enterprise Applications from Prentice-Hall.

Photo of Sean Power

Sean Power

Watching Websites

Sean spends way too much time on the computer and needs to get out more. He has worked as a web systems administrator since the mid 90s, has worked with online communities for companies such as MTV Northern Europe, and helped users reduce the headaches of managing and monitoring web infrastructures through Coradiant, a web performance monitoring vendor. Prior to working at Coradiant, he was technical reviewer for the Addison-Wesley book Troubleshooting Linux Firewalls.

Sean is now working as community gardener for Akoha, a company pioneering the industry of “social games”, where he handles all things community and analytics. This puts a smile on his face, and lets him sleep better at night.

He completes his full plate by working on a book for O’Reilly entitled Watching Websites.

You can find out more about him on linkedin.com/in/slpower, hear him ramble away on twitter.com/seanpower, or read about other stuff he’s thinking of at his website, http://sean.httpd.org.

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  • Facebook
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