Javier Soltero
CEO/Co-Founder, Hyperic, Inc.


Javier Soltero is co-founder and CEO of Hyperic, the leader in multi-platform, open source IT management. Prior to co-founding Hyperic, he was chief architect at Covalent Technologies, where he led the design and implementation of multiple enterprise products, including the configuration management product for Apache and the Covalent Application Manager — now Hyperic’s flagship product Hyperic HQ. Prior to Covalent, Soltero was a senior software engineer at Backflip, where he met Hyperic co-founders Charles Lee and Doug MacEachern. At Backflip, he was actively involved in the design, implementation, and operational aspects of the site. Soltero also held senior engineering positions at Netscape, where he participated in the design development of e-commerce and Internet infrastructure suites. Over the last 10 years, Soltero has been actively involved in various open source communities as both user and contributor to projects like JBoss and Tomcat.

Soltero is originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico and received his BS in Information Systems and Industrial Management from Carnegie Mellon University.


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Javier Soltero (Hyperic, Inc.)
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Just as people are beginning to understand the difference between web ops and IT, we are entering a period where clouds promise “Ops-Free” computing. We’ll talk about the emergence of web operations as a discipline, and how cloud computing simply changes, instead of eliminating, the importance of web operations. Read more.
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