Cadillac or Nascar? A Non-religious Investigation of Modern Web Technologies

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If you’re trying to decide which web technologies (and there are myriads out there) to use for your new web application, which one potentially gives you the best performance, which one will likely give you the shortest time-to-market, don’t miss this session.

We will investigate the infrastructure provided by popular web technologies: PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Java. We combine them with popular infrastructure components such as Memcached, MySQL, distributed storage, and JavaScript/Ajax libraries, and evaluate the pros and cons of each environment for large, scalable web sites.

We have implemented a social networking application using the three technologies in question and have studied the characteristics of each environment. We will describe our application in brief and the deployment environments along with a performance study and comparison of the various features mentioned above.

Photo of Akara Sucharitakul

Akara Sucharitakul

Sun Microsystems Inc.

Akara Sucharitakul has several years of experience in development of benchmarks and servers using a variety of technologies like JavaEE and other web technologies. He was a key contributor to industry standard benchmarks that are widely used to evaluate the performance of JavaEE technology-based application servers. He is also a key contributor of project Faban, an open-source benchmarking and benchmark management framework that utilizes stochastic models allowing rapid development of new benchmarks as well as management of older benchmarks.

Lately, Akara has been focusing on describing architectures and load characteristics of Web 2.0 systems. He also leads the benchmark development effort for technologies and components surrounding the Web 2.0 umbrella.

Photo of Shanti Subramanyam

Shanti Subramanyam

Orzota, Inc.

Shanti Subramanyam is a Senior Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems Inc. She is currently leading a project to analyze and improve the performance of web2.0 applications using open source technologies on Solaris. She is the Project Lead of Cool Stack (Sun’s open source web stack) and has previously been instrumental in the development of several industry-standard and proprietary benchmarks for database and Java technologies.

  • Akamai
  • Google
  • Hyperic
  • Sun Microsystems
  • 3Tera, Inc
  • Coradiant
  • Keynote Systems
  • Limelight Networks, Inc.
  • OpSource
  • TechRepublic

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