Above the Fold Time: Measuring Web Page Performance Visually

9:45am–10:15am Tuesday, 03/15/2011
Location: Online Room Level:

Above the fold time (AFT) measures web page performance by applying
heuristics to a video or filmstrip view of a page loading. It focuses
on what the user sees while at the same time producing consistent
results across multiple runs and different browsers. This presentation
will cover (1) the motivation for AFT, (2) overview the algorithm, and
(3) how to collect AFT on webpagetest.org.

Photo of Jake Brutlag

Jake Brutlag


Jake Brutlag is a data analyst with 10 years of industry experience,
first at Microsoft, then at Google. He has published papers on
distinct value estimation, email classification, aberrant behavior
detection for network time series, and search engine latency.