Ward Spangenberg

Ward Spangenberg
Director of Security Operations, Zynga Game Network, Inc.

Mr. Spangenberg is a seasoned security technology executive with a
comprehensive background in both business operations and technology. His
broad background with security solutions has enabled him to determine and
implement best practices for managing confidentiality, security, and privacy
issues from both the business perspective (such as process development,
informed consent, and data statistics collection) as well as executing and
supporting the technical perspective (host and perimeter security, access
control and monitoring). In addition Mr. Spangenberg has extensive
experience in designing and fielding security solutions for Fortune 1000
clients utilizing both enterprise as well as cloud architecture and
deployment models. Mr. Spangenberg is also a respected speaker/researcher on
PCI DSS, Cloud Computing, and Cloud Compliancy Issues. Mr. Spangenberg is a
founding member of the Cloud Security Alliance.


9:15am–9:45am Wednesday, 03/17/2010
Location: Online Level:
Ward Spangenberg (Zynga Game Network, Inc.)
Taking a look at security and privacy in the cloud. We'll examine the new risks, and what tools can mitigate them. We'll discuss governance, compliance, and what systems we need to use to access cloud resources securely. We'll deal with identity, single-sign-on, and so on. The goal is to determine whether security can be accomplished in the cloud. Read more.