Velocity Online Speaker Presentation Slides

Taking a look at security and privacy in the cloud. We'll examine the new risks, and what tools can mitigate them. We'll discuss governance, compliance, and what systems we need to use to access cloud resources securely. We'll deal with identity, single-sign-on, and so on. The goal is to determine whether security can be accomplished in the cloud.
In this session Andrea will demo a detailed walk through of how to use the FREE dynaTrace AJAX Edition to analyze web site performance and how to get to the root cause of your performance issue.
Featured by Steve Souders at Velocity Fall 2009, Show Slow is an open source tool that tracks performance metrics from Yahoo’s YSlow and Google's Page Speed Firefox extensions. The Show Slow platform gathers this information using web-based RESTful beacons. Show Slow renders these metrics in easy-to-understand graphics that reveal performance trends in your web site.
In this session Lee Thompson will discuss the open source provisioning toolchain that has been evolving within high-performing web operations groups. Lee will cover the history of the toolchain design pattern, the criteria for fully automated provisioning, the current version of the toolchain, and the new community forming around the toolchain effort.
Site Performance is an experimental feature in Google's Webmaster Tools that shows you real world page load time data for your site and suggestions for making it faster. This talk will go over how to use the tool, how to use the data effectively and a case study in making improvements based on the tool's suggestions.