Provisioning Toolchain

10:15am–10:45am Wednesday, 03/17/2010
Location: Online Level:

1. Definition and history of toolchains

  • Definition
  • Unix and development precedents
  • A quick look at toolchains in other industries (e.g. manufacturing)

2. Benefits of defining a provisioning toolchain

  • Benefits for those in operations roles
  • Benefits for those in development roles
  • Benefits for the business
  • Benefits for toolmakers (open source, closed source, internal)

3. Criteria for “Fully Automated Provisioning”

  • Examine each of the 5 criteria

4. Draft of a toolchain that achieves fully automated provisioning

  • Examine each layer
    • by function
    • by provisioning activity
  • Provide examples of where popular open source tools fit into this conceptual toolchain

5. Questions

Photo of Lee Thompson

Lee Thompson

DTO Solutions

Lee likes using technology to automate businesses. He got an appreciation for this early in his career at Fisher Controls implementing distributed control systems technology in power, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, hydro-carbon, and other heavy industries. He took these skills to E*TRADE FINANCIAL, while it was a small startup, with a clear vision of using technology to price financial services products affordable for everyone. Lee’s roles at E∗TRADE included development, archtecture, and operations where his final role was that of Chief Technologist. Lee currently brings his broad experience to, where he is now a contributor. Lee is also a Special Consultant for DTO Solutions, through which he provides architecture and operations consulting for large .com and financial services clients.