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October 12–14, 2015 • New York, NY
Sara Soueidan

Sara Soueidan
Front-end web developer, writer and speaker, Freelance

Website | @SaraSoueidan

Sara Soueidan is a Lebanese self-employed front-end web developer, writer, and speaker, focusing on HTML5, SVG, CSS, and JavaScript. She has a bachelor’s degree in computer science, and works with companies across the globe to deliver websites for small and medium businesses. She also works as an outsourcing partner to various web and design agencies. Sara is the author of the Codrops CSS Reference and co-author of Smashing Book 5, which covers time-saving, practical techniques for crafting fast, maintainable, and scalable responsive websites. Sara recently won an O’Reilly Web Platform Award (April 2015), and is currently a nominee for a net award under two categories: Developer of the Year and Outstanding Contribution.


1:15pm–1:55pm Wednesday, 10/14/2015
Location: Gramercy
Sara Soueidan (Freelance)
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In this talk, we'll go over some of the common pitfalls that designers and developers are likely to face when working with SVG. We'll go over solutions to avoid these pitfalls, and workarounds for some of SVG's quirks, as well as cover some powerful techniques that can take your SVG skills to the next level. Read more.

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